Three Quintets


Title: Three Quintets
Year: 2010
Category: small ensemble
Instrumentation: fl,ob,cl,vln1,vln2,vla,vc,db,4tpt(offstage)
Duration: 5′
First performance: Chimera Ensemble (cond. Neil Thomas Smith) | Heidelberg University, Germany | 05/07/2010
Publisher: contact me

Programme note
Three Qunitets is made up of three short movements in which each woodwind ‘soloist’ plays with with string quartet one at a time. The soloist comments on and explains the music of the quartet whilst keeping its own voice quite distinct. Each movement finishes with a short summing up of the movement by the soloist. The whole work finishes with a very short coda in which the three woodwinds interact for the only time, whilst the offstage brass provide an even more condensed form of the music. The material of each movement is distinct, though a logical progression through each is maintained by the change of harmonic material. This piece deals with different levels of detail in its composition, though this need not be perceived by the listener.