The Package Contents Shall Prevail


Title: The Package Contents Shall Prevail
Year: 2014
Category: chamber
Instrumentation: cl,perc(1)
Duration: 7’30”
First performance: (In original instrumentation with two percussionists) Will Ozard (cl), Zoë Craven (perc), Jack McNeill (perc) | Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, UK | 30/05/2014
Commission: Will Ozard / Sound and Music Embedded
Publisher: Contact me

Programme note
This piece sees the same melodic phrase determinedly repeat itself throughout. Two percussionists drive this ritual forward, the clarinet compelled to join in with its captors. This forced dependency continues, as with each new section the percussionists lead the material until the expressive coda which sees the clarinet finally in charge. The title comes from the terms and conditions of an eBay listing: “In the event of any misunderstanding as to the description or this package contents, the package contents shall prevail.”

The Package Contents Shall Prevail was written for Will Ozard as part of my residency at the British Music Collection.