The Four Last Things


Title: The Four Last Things
Year: 2014
Category: chamber
Instrumentation: cl,perc(1),vc
Duration: 7′
First performance: Dark Inventions | The Engine House (Anthony Burgess Foundation), Manchester, UK | 08/05/2014
Commission: Dark Inventions / Sound and Music
Publisher: Contact me

Programme note
Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘The Seven Deadly Sins and The four Last Things’ depicts its religious subject matter in the visceral style associated with its artist, and in a manner that would be immediately understood by Bosch’s early-sixteenth-century audience. Whilst the idea of sin remains culturally significant even outside of Christianity, the idea of ‘The Four Last Things’ is a less familiar topic and some aspects of the painting’s meaning may be lost on today’s audience. I enjoy the idea that different people will experience a work of art in different ways, and I like to manipulate musical material in a way that reflects my own differing ways of engaging with music. In The Four Last Things several interlinked sections are presented in series, relationships taking place that are sometimes audible, sometimes hidden.