The Erasmus Project


Title: The Erasmus Project
Year: 2008
Category: small ensemble
Instrumentation: cl,bsn,trp,tbn,perc(1),vln,db
Duration: 40′
First performance: Erasmus Ensemble (cond. Martin Scheuregger) | National Centre for Early Music, York, UK | 22/02/2010
Publisher: contact me

The Erasmus Project was an original project by Martin Scheuregger, including a new suite of pieces as well as a set of songs. The project came about from the desire to work with multiple artists effectively and collaboratively and attempts to bring together music, dance and poetry in a natural and meaningful way. The show is based on the carving’s of Morris dancers, dating from 1480, by German sculptor Erasmus Grasser. Each element takes inspiration from these ten figures. The poetry and new music are based on these carvings most directly, whilst the early music paints the historical picture. Each person’s inspiration does not only come straight from the sculptures, as during the creative process we have shared work and thus influenced each other.

In Grasser’s work, music and dance is embedded in sculpture. The sculptures have now been unpacked and presented afresh in The Erasmus Project. The sculptures will live on, becoming embedded with more history, whilst the new history of The Erasmus Project holds our own present in a single moment to pass into the future. The show was performed at the National Centre for Early Music, York, and included the publication of a collection including the poetry written for the project by Pauline Kirk and the songs written by Martin. The book, Dancing Through Wood and Time is available on Amazon.