Images through the door


Title: Images through the door
Year: 2010
Category: solo
Instrumentation: pf
Duration: 9′
First performance: Richard Casey, Late Music Concerts, Unitarian Chapel York, UK, (07/05/2011)
Commission: Late Music
Publisher: Composers Edition

Programme note
Take six people sitting separately in a bar. They each see the same thing, but their own point of view changes the context of the objects other people around them. They do not see themselves, perspective makes people less or more prominent, and whilst they are each given the same visual stimulus, they all make different judgements on their surroundings.

As a composer who works at the piano, writing for the instrument as soloist allows a directness which makes the gap between musical idea and musical reality that bit smaller. With this in mind, Images through the door presents its musical ideas in a transparent way at the outset, with each subsequent movement representing an ‘image’ of the same ideas from a different point of view.