Title: Harlequin
Year: 2015
Category: small ensemble
Instrumentation: cl,hn,acc,pf,vln,vla,vc
Duration: 18″
First performance: CHROMA | The Forge, London, UK | 11/11/2015
Commission: Sound and Music Embedded
Publisher: Contact me

Programme note
Harlequin is the culmination of my work as Embedded Composer-in-Residence at the British Music Collection. Conceived in four broad sections, the focus changes greatly in each, sometimes concentrating exclusively on horizontal momentum, at others, exploring textural detail. Despite its diversity, a sense of playfulness pervades the whole work – in material and technique, if not always in the aural result – and it is this that suggested the title. Harlequin does not directly model any one work or composer I have studied in The Collection, but may reflect some of what I have learned during my time there.

Harlequin was written for CHROMA as part of my residency at the British Music Collection, supported by Sound and Music.