Title: Chaconne
Year: 2014
Category: solo
Instrumentation: vla
Duration: 3’30”
First performance: Sarah Goulding | York Spring Festival, Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, UK | 09/05/2014
Commission: Sarah Goulding / Sound and Music Embedded
Publisher: Contact me

Programme note
This short piece for solo viola is at best a vulgar impersonation of the Baroque form that lends it its title. The ground bass of the opening returns throughout, but always re-ordered and fragmented, and there is no adherence to a repeated harmonic structure. This said, the idea of repetition is clearly important here, and it may be interesting to listen to the piece with the idea of a chaconne in mind.

Chaconne was written for Sarah Goulding as part of my residency at the British Music Collection.