Black Swans


Title: Black Swans
Year: 2013
Category: small ensemble
Instrumentation: fl,cl,pf,vln,vc
Duration: 7’30”
First performance: Dark Inventions | York St John University Chapel, UK | 26/04/2013
Commission: Dark Inventions
Publisher: Composers Edition
Recording: Hinterland by Dark Inventions | Black Swans on iTunes

Programme note
A flock of white swans will look all the whiter when a single black swan flies amongst them. This idea of vivid clarity achieved by complete contrast, inspired this piece. In Black Swans, motifs, gestures and sections are juxtaposed for impact and in attempt to achieve a sense of motivic clarity. However, whilst just one black swan is needed to brighten a white flock, here there are many contrasting ideas interacting in a rather schizophrenic way. A successful performance will highlight this sense of erraticism: moments of sudden change should be embraced and, if anything, exaggerated.