Be silent

Title: Be silent (originally What you will)
Year: 2012 (rev. 2014)
Category: solo
Instrumentation: pf
Duration: 7’30”
First performance: Emily Scaglioni | Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York, UK | 30/05/2012
Commission: Emily Scaglioni
Publisher: contact me
Programme note
This piece uses a constant control of the piano’s resonance to evoke a nuanced soundworld. Though technically fairly simple, the player is required to constantly adjust tempo and dynamics to achieve the specific sonic relationships. As well as this, the middle pedal is employed to allow a greater degree of control over the resonance of the instrument. The first two movements see chords develop, blend into and emerge from each other in different ways, whilst a melodic stream percolates many phrases. Towards the end of each short movement, the part develops into two notionally separate instruments, as parts work vertically with and against eachother, aided by the middle pedal.

The third movement is characterized by a constant resonance from simultaneously held E-B and Eb-Bb fifths giving rise to a resonance which is always manipulated by the specific pitches and voicing of the repeated chords and later by the flourishing figurations. The resonance resolves to just the Eb soundwold by more middle-pedal and silently depressed key trickery.