Jun 252015

In that solitude has won the first prize in the King’s College London Creative Responses to Modernism prize. It was performed at King’s on 23rd June 2015 where the prize was announced.Eleanor Chandler and Zoe Kingsley’s sound poem ‘Notes on Cling Film Part 1’ was the runner-up, with Fran Allfrey and Fran Brooks’s curated book, ‘A Gift for the Illuminated Sphere’ also making the shortlist.

I described the work in relation to modernism for the prize:

Fragmentation runs as a significant seam through modernist art: whether explicit or implicit, it is manifest in drama, literature, visual arts and music. In that solitude is a composition for violin and piano, which builds on notions embodied in the fragment, including incompletion, fragility, loss and uncertainty. A musical work can only be truly fragmented if it originally formed part of a larger whole, but here, invented—or false—fragments are presented. The compositional process itself involves a limited use of development, as ideas may not go beyond a single expositional statement; when development is employed, repetition of a simple motif will see a single idea viewed from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, a fragmentary soundworld is created in which fragile sonorities and fleeting hints of melodies abound. The modernist trope of fragmentation is reassessed in a work that reflects the rich possibilities of the tradition in an original setting.