Dec 032014

My music will be recorded and published by University of York Music Press in a new project with funding from Arts Council England.

UYMP Publishing

The Four Last Things and my arrangement of Death and the Lady will be recorded and published as part of a new programme supporting emerging composers and performers. This will be Dark Inventions‘ second CD (Hinterland was released in April 2014) and will feature the first recording of Firewheel. We’ll be recording in February and releasing the recording in early March.

UYMP described the project in a press release:

The ‘Grants for the Arts’ scheme will contribute towards the project ‘Mentoring and publishing emerging composers’, offered at present to 13 composers, including three current University of York students and five recent postgraduates. The project aims to provide a platform to increase the international exposure and distribution of the composers’ work through recording and publication, and help them to safeguard their copyright and income as they emerge into the professional industry.

Partnering with two leading young ensembles that champion contemporary classical music – Juice Vocal Ensemble and instrumental ensemble Dark Inventions – UYMP will publish two volumes of new music compositions written for them by the composers.

Juice Vocal Ensemble’s Songspin Songbook will feature pieces from their debut album Songspin, released by Nonclassical in 2011 and awarded ‘Best Contemporary Classical Album’ in the 2012 Independent Music Awards. The Dark Inventions volume, Firewheel, will publish eight new works written for the ensemble’s 2014 UK tour curated in partnership with Sound and Music. Through the project, Firewheel will also be recorded for digital and CD release in Spring 2015 – a first for UYMP.